On the ground, the larvae of the third stage crawl under the leaves or burrow into the ground and turn into a chrysalis, from which, after 20-30 days, an adult (adult gadfly) emerges. The full development cycle of one generation of subcutaneous gadflies is completed within one year. epidemiological data. Young cattle aged 1-3 years are most susceptible to buy Dapsone online. With inadequate feeding, adult cattle are often intensively affected. Mass flight of gadflies and infection of animals with hypodermatosis occur in the summer period of the year.

The clinical manifestation of the disease (formation of nodules) is observed from October-December (in the south) - until May-July (Fig. 49). During the development of hypodermis in the external environment, they are greatly influenced by climatic, soil and meteorological conditions. Strong winds and rains, cool, cloudy days have a negative effect on the oviposition of female gadflies. Heavy soils and their high humidity have a detrimental effect on the fallen larvae of the third stage and pupae. In many highland regions of our country, cattle are not affected by hypodermatosis due to unfavorable climatic conditions for the development of gadflies. The main influence on the number of gadflies and the infection of livestock with hypodermatosis is exerted by the quality of anti-water treatments.

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Hypodermis larvae have a mechanical effect on the skin at the moment of penetration into the subcutaneous tissue and during the period of migration through the animal's body. With the localization of the larvae of the second and third stages, hematomas and subcutaneous tissue infiltrates are formed under the skin of the back. After avlosulfon of holes in the tubercles and the introduction of pyogenic microbes, serouso-purulent inflammation. Hypoderm larvae seem to have a toxic as well as antigenic effect on livestock organisms. Animals affected by the larvae of subcutaneous gadflies lose weight and drastically reduce productivity. The diagnosis of hypodermatosis is established in the winter-spring period of the year when indurations and nodules are detected in the back area by palpation and in summer the eggs of subcutaneous gadflies are found on the coat of cattle.

Larvae of subcutaneous gadflies can sometimes parasitize goats, horses, and even humans. Control measures and prevention. Relatively recently, buy avlosulfon online the main attention in the fight against hypodermatosis in cattle was given to the detection of nodules (tubercles) in the back and waist of cattle and the destruction of larvae of the second and third stages of hypodermis by chemical means (often mechanically) in the winter-spring period of the year. The effectiveness of such disinsection was low, therefore, more radical anti-hypodermatous measures have now been developed, which are widely used in veterinary practice.

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Summer-autumn spraying of Dapsone pills with insecticides is carried out during the flight of gadflies using disinfection machines (LSD-2, VMOK-1, etc.) using a rod (SHRR). For periodic spraying of cows and young cattle with an interval of 20-25 days, a 1% solution of chlorophos (according to ADV) is used at the rate of 1.5-2 liters per adult animal, and a 1% emulsion can be used to treat young animals trichlormetaphos-3 (according to ADV). To prevent mechanical contamination of milk with insecticides, the udders of treated cows are thoroughly washed with water before milking.